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Carrie Prejean Update New Topless Photo, Tami Farrell Ready to Take Crown

Carrie Prejean Update: New Topless Photo, Tami Farrell Ready to Take Crown


It’s official: Carrie Prejean has lied about topless photos almost as often as George W. Bush lied about weapons of mass destruction.

Earlier this week, in response to a leaked picture of her topless, the controversial beauty queen claimed there were "no other photos" of herself in such a pose.

But has published a new shot of Prejean, once again wearing nothing but a sexy pair of pink undies. We aren’t math majors, but we’re pretty sure this makes TWO topless Carrie Prejean pics:

Carrie Prejean NudeCarrie Prejean Topless

Are more racy photos ofCarrie Prejeanon the way? And will she continue to mislead the public about their existence? Stay tuned!

Forget her religion, forget her Bible references and forget her stance on gay marriage. People of California, we ask:

Do you want someone representing you that has not only violated the nudity clause in her pageant’s contract, but has proceeded to lie about how many times she did so?

Meanwhile,Tami Farrellappeared onAccess Hollywoodlast night. The Miss California runnerup said she’s ready to take on the crown if officials strip it from Prejean.

"I would be honored to represent the state of California if they need me for my responsibilities as first runnerup," Tami said. "I wouldn’t mind stepping into the spotlight."

As for Carrie, Farrell tried to remain diplomatic: "There is a lot of controversy right now. I commend her actually for taking a stance in something she believes in."


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Elisabetta Canalis George Clooney Loves Me!

Elisabetta Canalis: George Clooney Loves Me!


While Elisabetta Canalis is at the center of acocaine and prostitution scandal, the gorgeous Italian model often finds herself answering questions about nothing but her yearlong relationship with George Clooney.

Simply put, "there are some people who just don’t want to see me happy," Canalis says in the newItalian Vanity Fair.

Such criticism causes the aspiring actress she recurs on TNT’sLeverageas a character referred to as "The Italian Woman" to feel insecure at times, but Clooney never fails to make his feelings clear.

"If you are loved then you always feel great," she said. "[George] reassures me all the time. He is very close. I feel more embraced than ever before."

Elisabetta on Vanity FairPerfect for Each Other

Adding that Clooney has "given color back to my life," Canalis said she doesn’t understand why so many seem so jealous of her relationship. (THG note: We know why. Just take a look at your boyfriend, Elisabetta.)

”I know some women, very high profile women, who have taken his picture off their computer desktop," she says. "Maybe I should not get so stressed over it. At the end though the best way to confront this envy is to be happy, but it’s just that they won’t forgive."

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